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New Company and Fourth of July arrangement

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (1)

It is with excitment that I announce my new company; Sweet Events! This company will not only create awesome weddings for brides and grooms, but they will also create some fun and creative events for the community. The first event that we will be sponsoring is a Run-Away-Bride 5k run. the event will happen in February and will offer runners prizes for their participation in the event. There will also be a Bridal Fair with vendors who will show their wares and help brides with specific questions they have about organizing their wedding.

Ok, so I was assigned to create a Fourth of July center piece for the breakfast that my church holds every year. I needed to keep it under budget, which means cheap, and still make it look not like a Dollar Store purchase (mind you I love Dollar Store) I can't tell you how many things I have found at the Dollar Store that have worked for a particular wedding). I first scoured second hand shops to find vases that would inspire some creative thoughts. I found eight square clear glass vases. You can also purchase these vases on Save-on-Crafts if you want to purchase new ones.

After I purchased the vases, I went to Walmart and found sparkle tissue paper and red, white and blue ribbon

Next I want to the 99 cent store and bought seven packages of flags, Each package contained five flags in it for 99 cents.

So with the supplies collected (I wasn't sure if I had all the supplies, just a picture in my head, oh boy, that can be dangerous!)

First I wrapped white ribbon around the vase, making sure that it was centered in the middle of the vase. Next I wrapped the red, white and blue ribbon around the vase, making sure that I put hot glue on the corners to hold that red, white and blue ribbon to the white ribbon.

I secured the white ribbon with double sided tape, along with hot glue and making sure that I'm taping down the edge.

I put hot glue on the corners of the white tape to hold down the red, white and blue tape, so that the ribbon wouldn't slide. (kinda an OCD thing for me!)

I used some dry oasis that you can buy from the Dollar Store to hold and arrange the flags in the vase.

I also cut a square of red tissue paper with sparkles on them that wrapped around the oasis block.

I put glue on the bottom of the oasis, placed the tissue paper square in the middle of the oasis and them put glue on the tissue paper to secure the oasis and the tissue paper to the bottom of the vase. Pulled up the tissue paper around the oasis, and placed it in the vase.

Next I crumpled smaller squares of tissue paper and hot glued them to the oasis that was showing at the top of the vase.

After all the oasis was covered with small squares of tissue paper I placed six flags around the vase, by putting the first one in the middle of the vase, then placing five around the edges of the vase.

After I placed the flags around the vase, I saw that I needed something more. So I cut stars out of sparkle paper from Hobby Lobby that I had on hand. I either hot glued two stars together, back-to-back, on a bamboo stick, or on a thin wire.  Make sure that you place odd items that match in a triangle pattern. and bing! You have an inexpensive Fourth of July decoration.

The finished product:

I need our comments, did I explain it well enough? 

Thanks readers, you're wonderful!